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Repurposing of industrial manufacturing lines for invasive mechanical ventilator production

The RESERVIST project is setting up so-called ‘reservist cells’, that in times of crises can be activated within 48 hours to switch to produce the necessary products and services. Among them, mechanical ventilators.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Europe faced an important shortage of essential medical equipment. Therefore, in Asturias-Spain, a public-private alliance was formed to create equipment and devices that could help address this crisis. Led in the private sector by ArcelorMittal Innovación, Investigación e Inversión, S.L., and the IDONIAL technology centre, efforts were coordinated to help cover, as efficiently as possible, the demand for equipment from the health sector at regional, national and international level.

One of the successful developments was the realisation of an intensive positive pressure mechanical ventilation system with several ventilatory modes for the treatment of patients in intensive care units. Now, thanks to the RESERVIST project, this first design is being adapted to be produced in emergency manufacturing lines to scale up production, whenever necessary.

Partners Normagrup, Idonial and ArcelorMittal Innovación, Investigación e Inversión, S.L. develop and perform the specific adaptations into Normagrup’s manufacturing lines. These adaptations include the redesign of parts, minimising the number of components required in order to reduce manufacturing times, and simplifying the supply chain.

This will allow the transformation of the lines, and the start of the production of this medical product, with a 48-hour response, if a situation similar to the Covid-19 pandemic arises.


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