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First project of reconverted Seac Libera and Unica FF masks

Seac reaction to the first pandemic wave in March/April 2020 was to make its skills, technology and FF mask available to reconvert its (FF) masks and support who was fighting the pandemic.

It was something new for SEAC, and when you make something new, that’s completely out from your area of application, it’s necessary to start exploring a new world made of new rules, new definitions, new standards, new requirements, etc.

This is what SEAC did. Unfortunately, when the (FF) mask project was started, there was no cooperation, synchronization, and sharing opportunities between factories, even if the goal was the same.

Every company was working by itself, trying to design, in the shortest time possible, the best solution to help fighting the pandemic.

SEAC trusted that its (FF) mask had the best results in term of breathing performance and % of CO2 residual, so they understood it could be helpful to who was fighting the whole day against the virus. They just had to study the best way to make the mask completely compatible with the needs of the medical personnel.

At the same time IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) was developing the same idea: find the best way to help and preserve Medical Personnel.

Knowing features and qualities of Libera and Unica Seac (FF) masks, they decided to start, together with SEAC, a project to reconvert these two masks into medical personnel protection masks.

By clicking on the links below you can read more about the project:

SEAC - IIT project

Drawing of the 1st Top Adapter

Reconverted FF masks tech specs

IIT reconverted FF masks did not get the medical validation, but it was just a starting point for SEAC.


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